EPA Releases Draft Atrazine Human Health Risk Assessment for Public Comment

EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs has released for public comment Atrazine Draft Human Health Risk Assessment.

To support Registration Review for atrazine, the Health Effects Division has evaluated the hazard and exposure data and conducted dietary, residential, aggregate, and occupational exposure assessments to estimate the risk to human health that will result from the registered uses of pesticides.

The Draft Risk Assessment includes updates to neuroendocrine effects using PBPK modeling and to drinking water exposure assessment; and completion of aggregate exposure assessments, non-occupational spray drift exposure assessment, and an occupational exposure assessment.

You may submit comments to EPA by September 24, 2018: https://www.regulations.gov/comment?D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2013-0266-1161 

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Comment Period for Neonicotinoid Risk Assessments Extended to April 21, 2018

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is extending the public comment period for recently released Neonicotinoid Insecticide Risk Assessments from February 20, 2018, to April 21, 2018. EPA encourages stakeholders and the public to comment on these assessments. EPA may revise them based on information and comments received. It is expected that the Agency plans to release the final pollinator risk assessments for ImidaclopridClothianidinThiamethoxamDinotefuran in mid-2018.


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